Website Redesign

Studio E

Studio E had a great website, but they wanted a few additional features that hadn’t been included in the original design.

For one, they wanted a facelift. The company had recently had new branding developed and the old website didn’t reflect a sense of “Being Bold”. Another key issue was their contact forms – they were unattractive and intimidating, which was hurting their conversion rate. Other pages just seemed bland, lacking the punch that Studio E’s owner Teresa Cirillo wanted to see in their branding. 

In the end, we ended up making wide ranging changes, including:

  • Completely replaced the contact and registration forms with an attractive and easy-to-manage form that they could easily modify themselves
  • Upgraded the website’s image galleries to be more attractive, filterable, and easy to manage
  • Added an Event Calendar to the site so they could more easily post upcoming events
  • Rebuilt the Contact Page to be more attractive and user-friendly
  • Made the site more SEO-friendly
  • Updated the site with more attractive and helpful styling that was in alignment with their new brand identity

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