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Enhanced Mobility

Website Design and Development

Enhanced Mobility is a small family-run business with a tight budget. The company imports advanced mobility devices, such as wheelchair power add-on systems, powered stair climbers, and other specialty transport devices from Europe for sale to the Canadian market. 

They are a new company with a small budget but recognized that a website was a top priority for them. Their website, enhancedmobility.ca, is the central hub of their marketing efforts. It gives them full control over their branding, messaging, and content. It also gets them exposure to prospective customers via traffic from search engines, social media, and other websites. And it’s a helpful credibility piece when reaching out to clients and partners directly. 

Their website is also tied in with Google Analytics, so they’re able to discover insights about the types of people who are interested in their products and how they might be able to reach more of them. 


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