Case Study: Google Ads

Continental Hair

When we started working with Continental Hair, we knew we could reduce their account’s Cost-Per-Action (CPA). This is the amount of money it cost to acquire a single lead. Over the course of the next 9 months, we helped them reduce their CPA by over 87%, drastically improving their ability to generate leads and to help them make the most out of Google Ads.

Continental Hair uses Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Search and Display ads to find women interested in a free hair consultation. When someone clicks on their ads, they’re taken to a dedicated landing page where they can either fill out a contact form or call Continental Hair directly. Either of those actions is considered an Action.

Our primary interest was to reduce the CPA in their Google Ads account, since this meant they got more leads for the same amount of ad spend.

Cost Per Action (Lead)

By making incremental improvements to their Google Ads account set up by another agency, we reduced Continental Hair’s CPA by over 87%! This allowed us to get more than 8X as many leads for the same budget. 

Cost Per Click

Google Ads - Case Study - CPC

One way in which we did this was by reducing their Cost Per Click (CPC) through more precise targeting, more engaging ad copy, and careful keyword selection. 

Click-Through Rate

Google Ads - Case Study - CTR

You can see here that we more than doubled the Click Through Rate for the campaigns as well, which was an indicator that we were on the right track.

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